Sunday, December 25, 2011

Flicker of Inspiration Linkup #30: Year's End

Like the prompt, the linkup is a bit late due to Christmas-centric activity. Many appologies, blah blah, etc. Luckily, the linkup is going extra long, and you already have the prompt for the week. And I suppose some of you are busy yourselves, anyway.

So! The prompt is "Year's End" and whatever that means for you. Link up below; under the circumstances, I've decided to keep it open all the way until Friday night. There will be a new prompt for next Sunday posted at the usual time, which is now Thursday. Be sure to read and comment as much as you can, and share the linkup with people you know.

Edited to add:

Hi, all! It's Katie. I apologize for the crazy posting schedule and lack of activity over here at LALB. We've been crazy busy with the holidays, and I've had freelancing assignments keeping me away from my obligations here. So sorry! I appreciate you all sticking around and following our schedule as much as possible.

Our Year's End prompt link-up is being extended to...year's end. The link-up will close on New Year's Eve at midnight Eastern. I hope you'll have the chance to join us. If not, a new prompt will be revealed this evening, and the new link-up for it will open on Sunday.

Thanks again for sticking around through the madness! We promise to get back on track now that the madness of the holidays is over.