Critique and Etiquette Guidelines

The Lightning and the Lightning Bug is a community that encourages the development and growth of our fellow members as writers. If you've joined our community or participated in one of our prompts, we would love for you to visit other members' blogs and to read as many of the other linkup entries as possible. Reading is one of the most productive ways to improve your own writing!

While visiting other members and reading their pieces, please try to leave thoughtful and supportive comments. Constructive criticism is welcomed in the community, and if you do leave constructive criticism, you may want to use the following guidelines for critique:

  • Describe what, to you, the piece seems to be "about" at the deepest level.

  • Discuss portions where the writing really came alive for you.

  • Discuss portions where the writing seemed to falter.

  • If you feel that a section could go "deeper", be specific with suggestions. For example, point out where more vivid scenes, dialogue, characters or other elements of style would enhance the reading experience.

  • Does the writing slow and or accelerates to the detriment of the piece? Be specific when specifying where material could have been condensed or expanded.

  •  Please remember to keep comments respectful, constructive and positive. You are critiquing the piece, not the writer!

    If you're posting a link, please take the time to thoughtfully read and comment on at least three posts.