Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #30: Year's End

Late getting the prompt up folks, many sorries. I'm sure we're all really busy this week, what with last-minute shopping and wrapping early food prep and so on. I'm thinking that with all the stuff going on, we'll leave the linkup open a bit longer, closing it down next Thursday night. So if you have time off for Christmas, you'll be able to use some of it to write for the linkup.

The theme is "Year's End" and whatever that means for you. Obviously, the linkup will open Christmas morning, but we've also got the new year coming up, and all kinds of things going on along with that. Festivus would be quite appropriate as well. Whatever fits for you.

Hand-in-hand with the longer writing period we'll allow for a larger word limit - 1,200 words - but write at your own pace and length, don't feel compelled to pad your piece out to the limit. If you've got the time and inclination, though, that'll give you room to try on something a little bigger and see how it feels.

See you all Sunday - and have a Merry and/or Happy Solstice Observance of Your Preference!