Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dare to Share Linkup: Fight for Your Rights

Happy weekend, Lightning Bugs! Wow, last weekend's Dare to Share linkup was awesome. Thanks to all who pimped us out and brought many new faces and writers our way, and thanks to you all for participating!

For this weekend's linkup theme, I was inspired by one of our own members. Patty of Another Cookie, Please! wrote a very passionate post about bullying that I loved! Adding fuel to my fire is a local event involving censorship of the arts. I won't lie; my feathers are pretty ruffled this week. So for our Dare to Share link up theme, I'd like you to link up a post that involves standing up for something you believe in. You can stand up for a cause, support your opinion, or just rant about something that makes you mad. Now, considering this topic, I feel it's necessary to mention that we need to be respectful of each other's opinions. We are all adults, and I fully believe we can link up intelligent and insightful posts stating our opinions without any kind of flame wars.

If you do link up, please try to visit and thoughtfully comment on at least three other posters, and remember when you link up, you're entered in a chance to become our new Writer of the Week!

And speaking of Writer of the Week, this week's featured writer is:

Travel Spot

Be sure to pay this fabulous blogger a visit. The adventures she shares about traveling, fitness, food, photography, and life are always great reads, and she also happens to be one amazing writer! So check her out and congratulate her on being Writer of the Week!

Thank you all for your continued participation and support; I'm enjoying being a part of this community and great group of people!