Sunday, July 31, 2011

Linkup and Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #11: The Red Wheelbarrow

Sorry, y'all! I've been a huge slacker this weekend. I put both the Dare to Share and Flicker of Inspiration link ups up late. It's been a busy weekend to say the least. Hope everyone else is having a fun and busy weekend, too :) But A Flicker of Inspiration is here now, so link up if you've done the A Letter to You: Part 2 prompt from last week. Also, remember to try to thoughtfully comment on at least three other posts if you link up. Oh, and if you could spread the news by grabbing a button from our sidebar or tweeting about us (or both), that'd be awesome :)

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Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #11: The Red Wheelbarrow

Sometimes when writing I find that the only thing that can inspire me is another writer's words. Be it a song, a poem, or a whole novel; someone else's words can often guide me to a new destination, lead me to undiscovered worlds, provide me with the exact push I need to write my own masterpiece.

For this week's prompt, I'd like you to be inspired by the poem below by William Carlos Williams. "The Red Wheelbarrow" has long been a poem that holds an air of mystery and intrigue for me. For it to be so few words, I feel it tells a complex tale with a lot hidden just below the surface. Take any word, image, or feeling evoked from "The Red Wheelbarrow" and turn it into your masterpiece. Oh, and like Williams, let's do things short and sweet. Write your piece in 300 or fewer words.

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white