Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #49: The Last Time

(via Pinterest)
Despite possible interpretations of the prompt title, this is not the final Flicker of Inspiration; really, I could just be making subtle reference to the previous prompt, which came in late and was perhaps a little lazy - I did force you to come up with the prompt yourself, sort of. But that's not it at all, not this time. And we've got plenty of Flicker left in us yet, don't you worry yourselves. Coming up on the big 5-0, we'll have to think of something special.

For this week, start your post with the three words "The last time" and get going. You are allowed, even encouraged, to use "The last Time Lord" - but I thought of it first. Not gonna use it, so it's free game and really there's no reason not to write Doctor Who fan fiction, but that's not strictly the prompt. You can do whatever you want that starts with "the last time," it's not like it's my birthday or anything. (it really isn't)

"The last time" is your prompt and the beginning of your linkup entry, so you're already three words into your draft! Congrats, but why are you already stopping, three words isn't much to rest on, and be honest I did that work for you. You've got until Sunday (or even next Wednesday if you procrastinate) to finish, which is totally doable. Keeping the word limit fluid again this week, just be reasonable, folks can't necessarily put a bookmark in the middle of a web page to keep their place. Good luck and remember to have fun!