Friday, April 27, 2012

Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #48: Mirror Image

When you turn a frown around, it's a smile! But when you turn "Dammit I'm mad!" around, it's "Dammit I'm mad!" again. Maybe that's why anger is so cyclical. It's a theory.

The prompt is late this week! Sorry about that. Totally my fault. But let me tell you, you dodged a bullet. I almost made you base your work on the "Excuse Me Princess" meme. Then I considered forcing you all to write only in palindromes, like Al Yankovic did in "Bob" - I'm still not sure I shouldn't. But no, we're late enough already. Let me let you get to work.

The palindrome thought train led me to a lot of neat ideas, but here's what I settled on, your prompt for the week:

Whatever you see or don't see there, that is your prompt. When we link up Sunday, I'll tell you what I see.

And if you don't think you see anything, just start writing. Freewrite; type random words without using the backspace key or the mouse at all. Share the whole thing with us, even if you end up with an actual story to tell after 100 completely random and unrelated words.