Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flicker of Inspiration Linkup #40: Role Play

Sometimes it's fun to be someone else. To get outside our own skin for a while and experience life differently.

Sometimes we just want to entertain ourselves, sometimes we're entertaining someone else. Role-playing can help two people communicate by showing each other what each person sees in the other.

Your theme this week is Role Play; you're to write an entire blog post as someone other than yourself. It can be someone you know, someone you don't know, a fictional character you've read or written. Post as that person, write about what that person would write about, the way you think they would write it.

You know the drill.

1) Link up below. It's open until Wednesday night at midnight. Check back once in a while to see new posts as they come in!

2) If you link up, commit to reading and giving useful, thoughtful comments to at least two or three other writers.

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Have fun being someone else!