Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dare to Share: Best. Post. Ever.

Do you ever write something that you're so darn proud of you're convinced you'll never write anything as good again? Like a fictional tale that you have to keep reading over and over again you love it so much? Or a memoir post that makes you and everyone else cry every time you read it?

Sure, you'll go on and write something better...eventually. But sometimes, the stars align just perfectly; the inspiration flows from your fingertips like a fine wine; and you just know you've written something special.

This week we'd like you to share your Best. Post. Ever. And if you have a chance, answer one (or some) of these questions in the comments section below:

Why did you pick the post you shared? 

What makes your post special?

Was it hard to choose a Best. Post. Ever? 

How do you measure your own writing ability? What makes you proud? 

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