Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spark Notes #1

Before reading further, you should probably check out An Introduction to Spark Notes, where we explain what this new series is all about.

But if you're lazy like me and had rather not click an additional link, the short and sweet of it is is that Spark Notes are tiny doses of inspiration that we'll be posting every Tuesday. These "sparks" of inspiration will come in the form of short guest posts (300 to 400 words), quotes about writing, and particularly helpful websites and blogs with writing resources. We're asking for Spark Note submissions from YOU! If you submit a Spark Note and we use it, you and your blog will get a shout-out right here, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you have something you'd like to share, email me or Jeremy at: katieross83@gmail.com or jross1.3@gmail.com. 

This first submission comes from May, one of our most loyal and active members. May authors the insightful and beautifully written blog:

Achieving Clarity.

Her Spark Note is an article from DreamBeaker.com that she StumbledUpon the other day:

13 Sites to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing.

This article is jam-packed with sources of inspiration, from Etsy to style and design guides to more writer-centric sites like:

One Word - where you're given 1 word and 60 seconds to create writing brilliance

Plot Scenario Generator - which generates random plot scenarios designed to light a creative fuse

My personal favorite site from this blog post was:

Blurb - which allows you to design and create your very own book. With the rise of self-publishing, this is definitely a website that I'm going to have to research in detail. The books pictured on the site are beautiful, and it seems you can create and print as many or as few copies as you wish. So if you've been wanting to turn your blog into a book to give grandma. Here's your chance!

Thanks again, May, for the heads up on this Spark of Inspiration!

Remember, if you have a Spark Note or an idea for a Spark Note, just email us.