Sunday, January 1, 2012

Flicker of Inspiration Linkup #31: Cold

Happy New Year! Did you make a resolution? It's past 6 am now; have you managed to break it yet? It's hard work, making and breaking resolutions; no one will judge you for failing to break your resolution.

So! The wibbly-wobbly mass of hysterics and stress we euphemistically refer to as "The Holidays" is more or less behind us; all that's left is cleaning up, and who has time for that when Christmas is just 11 1/2 short months away? I really need to figure out my Halloween costume soon too or I'll be the only person looking stupid this year (again).

Still, there's nothing like procrastinating. So let me help you out!

Instead of working on whatever important things you've decided to work on, do some writing! And I've got a great topic for you: Cold! It's probably on your mind anyway, being the middle of winter and all. Why not take a few minutes and write down for us what exactly the word "cold" means to you; is "cold" the month you pull your fashionable sweaters out of the wardrobe, or is "cold" when you decide to stay home from work because you can't find the car under the snow? Maybe you've had a special experience with the "Brr" word you'd like to share. Still, I wouldn't want to encourage your procrastinating too much, so keeping it under 700 words or so is suggested.

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