Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #28: Your Happy Place

We're having a bit of a change in format here for the Flicker of Inspiration. Sunday is still linkup day, like it always has been, but Katie and I have decided to move prompt day to Wednesday night, when the linkup closes. It probably won't make a huge difference for most of us; speaking for myself, lately I almost never even start writing for the linkup until after the linkup opens anyway. You early-birdies will still have a good bit of lead time to get started writing, and I can spread my clever hosting duties over two posts. That means you'll get twice as much of me, not counting my comments and linkup contributions (when I remember to do them, heh....). Everybody wins.

So, without further ado, Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #28: Your Happy Place

When the cat is clawing at the blinds for the 30th time tonight, and I no longer have the patience to even try to yell at her to stop, I find it helpful to go to my Happy Place. It's a special place that exists in my imagination, and it has no cheap plastic blinds at all.

Visualizing a place of peace and happiness is a pretty common stress-relief tool. If you haven't tried it, I have to recommend it; in fact, I must insist, because your Happy Place is the subject of this week's prompt.

Visualize in your mind your Happy Place. Maybe it's somewhere you have happy memories, or a very quiet place in some natural landscape, or a series of soothing images. You'll know you've got it right when you start feeling happier.

Now, if you like, please share your happy place with us. In theory there shouldn't be much conflict in your Happy Place, so feel free to focus on descriptive language and not bother much with story or plot. If you're a procrastinator like I am, spend the time between now and Sunday visualizing your Happy Place; you'll have a better week, and it counts as doing research for your writing.

I'd like to cap the word limit at around 500 words. That ought to be enough, but if you feel you need more I won't chase after you with a pointed stick; that sort of thing isn't allowed in the Happy Place.