Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flicker of Inspiration #27: Here With Me (Flash Fiction!)

No prompt last week! So to link up this week, you Must Be Quick!

Your prompt is "Here With Me" and you MUST begin immediately! Don't care how it goes - pick one thing that you can see at this moment, in the room with you, and write something down somewhere. Take that starting point and finish by Wednesday; 350 words is the limit.

So to recap:

1) Look around you.
2) Pick a thing.
3) Write something down (right now!).
4) Before the linkup closes (12/7 @ 11:59 pm) finish the story, 350 words or less.
5) Link up below!
6) Read and comment!
7) Do all the other usual stuff, bragging and whatnot, that you'd normally do to inform the general public.

Next week's prompt will go up on Wednesday and the next linkup for it will open next Sunday.