Sunday, June 19, 2011

Linkup and Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #5: A Letter to You

Welcome to the Flicker of Inspiration link up! I hope everyone had fun with last week's prompt. I know I did! I finished it in just the nick of time, inspired by another deadline.

If you responded to the Song Worth a Thousand Words prompt, please feel free to link up below! Looking forward to reading everyone's response. As usual, if you link up, try to visit and thoughtfully comment on at least three other links. Also, we'd love if you grabbed a button from our sidebar and spread the news!

Next week's prompt? Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #5: A Letter to You

Write a letter to yourself at age sixteen. What might you tell your sixteen year-old self? Would you warn yourself not to make a certain mistake? Would you ask yourself to treasure being young? Would you tell yourself how much you've changed? You can write the letter from your present self, or from someone else entirely. Feel free to take this in an unexpected direction. Good luck!

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