Thursday, June 23, 2011

Discussion: Writer or Blogger or Both?

Blogging is hard work. Like, REALLY hard work. Sometimes I find myself working harder on blogging than I do on my real job. Sad but true. Still, when it comes down to it, I rarely refer to myself as a blogger. I'm a writer. A phrase that I used to struggle with saying out loud or even typing. I've recently adopted the philosophy: "fake it till you make it," so now I like to say that I'm a writer all the time, because eventually, maybe I'll believe it.

So this week's discussion question has to do with how we identify ourselves, and how we strike a balance between blogging and writing. Do you all do any writing outside of the writing you do for your blog? Do you use your blog as your writing platform? How do you decide how much "writing material" you publish as opposed to "blogging material"?

To make that last question a little clearer, because I'm doing a horrible job explaining it, I'll give you Chicken Noodle Gravy as an example. Recently, I began using Chicken Noodle Gravy less for recipes and little anecdotes about my weekend and more for writing prompts, writing subjects, and sharing my fiction, poetry etc. This transformation is in part due to my nearly overwhelming desire to be a real writer, and in part to my finally becoming comfortable enough to share what I REALLY want to share on my blog. But now I worry that I bore my readers with all my fiction and poetry. I think, is this blogging? Or is this writing? Is there even a demarcation? What do you think?

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