Sunday, June 12, 2011

Linkup and Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #4: A Song Worth a Thousand Words

Welcome, lightning bugs, to another week of writing fun! We're excited to see what stories you came up with for last week's prompt.

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And now for this week's prompt: Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #4 A Song Worth a Thousand Words.

I'm often inspired by music. When I was younger, I would use song titles as mini writing prompts all the time. I can remember one story in particular that I wrote around a Sugar Ray song...what? Mark McGrath is hella hot, and you know it. ;) 

In light of sharing that embarrassing little tidbit, I present to you this prompt. This week we want you to take a song, any song you like, any song that inspires you, and transform that song into a story. Sometimes songs will already have a story, sometimes they will only hint at one, sometimes the story will be your own memory of hearing the song, and your job is to write that story down. Interpret the song of your choice and turn it into prose. Explore where the lyrics take you, where the melody tells its tale, be it fiction or memory, and share it with your fellow lightning bugs. 

Word Limit is limitless because I cheated for last week's prompt and went over. Plus, I don't really know that I believe in word limits. Let the story take you where it takes you... That being said if you'd like a little structure, we'll make the limit 1,000 words (because of the title of the prompt and all). You won't be kicked out for going over though...otherwise, I'd have to kick out myself. 

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