Sunday, May 29, 2011

Linkup and Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #2: Fairy Tales

Welcome to the weekend and the first Flicker of Inspiration Linkup! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far. This week's linkup will be for responses to last week's prompt:

Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #1: Lightning or a Lightning-Bug

Write a blog post that focuses on either lightning or a lightning-bug. This post can be fiction, memory, or poem. Let these words and images carry your post to its destination. 

Word Limit: 800 

To linkup, add your link to the linky list below, grab a button, and spread the word! Try to visit a few of your fellow lightning-bugs, read their responses, and leave thoughtful and kind comments. You can provide constructive criticism, just remember to play nice. Writing is incredibly personal, and it's hard to put yourself out there. This community is about encouragement and support, remember that above all else. Oh, and before you leave, be sure to check out next week's prompt!

Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #2: Fairy Tales

Rewrite or modernize your favorite fairy tale or take a story (book, movie, play, or memory) and turn it into a fairy tale. Lots of room to play around with this one, as long as you use the fairy tale aspect in some way. I've made the word limit greater this week, so you can develop your story further.

Word Limit: 1,000 words

Come back next Sunday to linkup and share your fairy tales!


  1. Thanks for the link-up guys! I'll have to really think on the fairy tale one...good prompt!

  2. I'm so happy to see everyone joining in! If only I wasn't in a hotel with the worlds SLOWEST internet connection. I'm planning to seriously dive in when I get home tomorrow evening. Thanks for linking up!!

  3. OK I really want to get in on this action. REALLY badly. But.... I have a confession. I can write like a bat out of... a cave? But I am such a novice at the blogging thing, I can't really figure out how to "grab" a button or anything else for that matter. My blog (albeit wildly entertaining and life-changingly meaningful) is shockingly basic, and I really need some help. I don't expect an overhaul :D just need to catch up my button-grabbing skills so I can participate next Sunday!

    Many thanks in advance! You are welcome to email me as well, evergreeneden4 at blogspot dot com. Thanks again!


  4. You know what was the best about this link up? Every post was so incredibly different! We really are creative peeps :)

  5. Wow, girls, maybe I should ask you to delete my link-up. I'm definitely not a fiction writer. The thing was that I was looking for info for linking up, but didn't find any requirements.. however, keep up the good work, it's a nice idea!!

  6. Whoops, we don't have lightning bugs so I wrote about my dog. He was a bugger!

  7. Hi, Eden! So sorry I am just now replying to you! Thanks so much for your interest in our community. We're so excited to have you join us. In order to "grab" our button in blogger, you'll need to copy the text code beneath our button in the text box. You can take this code and copy it directly into the html editor of one of your new blog posts. You can also copy and paste it directly into an html/javascript widget on your settings page, this would put the button on your sidebar.

    Although the button is nice to share, it's not a strict requirement of the community, so if you don't figure it out in time for the hop, no worries...participate anyway! :)

    Thanks again for joining us!

  8. OMG hi Katie thank you very much! I am stoked to be here. So exciting!!!

    No worries, I have been having an incredibly busy week and tonight is the first real chance I've had to focus on this anyway, so great timing!

    Kelli from No. 7 has also been messaging me and generously helping me limp along. You girls are so kind!

    When I try to add a gadget on Blogger and paste the code, it says it contains illegal characters. I'm stumped. It says that with a couple of other buttons I've tried to add, as well!

    I feel like a technological grandma! And I'm only 34! ;D Thanks so much for your help & I'll look forward to hearing back!

  9. Alright girls, I have a confession. I have OCD I think. :) Big-time.

    I simply couldn't resist. I had to respond to this first prompt, since I came into this just after your wonderful site was born.

    So now I am all caught up. Yahoo! I'll give you the link in case you get OCD like me ;D and have to read every single post out there: