Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Discussion: Da Noise, Da Funk

Just to get the ball rolling in our little community here, I thought it might be a good idea to post a discussion prompt regarding writing. We'll post these discussion prompts just for fun from time to time, so if you'd like to suggest a topic (on writing, reading, editing, inspiration), email me at If we use your topic, your blog will get a mention.

Today's prompt:

When writing, do you prefer complete silence in your environment? Do you listen to a little music for inspiration? Is the hum of the television the soundtrack for your creative genius? What is the background music (or lack thereof) of your writing world?

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Hope everyone's having a great week. We're looking forward to our first prompt linkup this weekend. Can't wait to read everyone's entries!


  1. For me, the TV's usually going. If I focus on it too much, I'll want to scream and throw it out the window, but most of the time I can tune it out. I tend to be a little...temperamental when I write. My husband and the cats have learned to steer clear of me. If the hubby does talk and break my concentration, I growl at him. So usually he stays quiet and reads. I guess I like some background noise, but I don't necessarily need it. And I probably write best when there's no outside noise influence.

  2. Silence is my absolute fave! My brain is loud, yo. I can't handle much more than that. And yes, if other humans are awake and they are trying to convey actual information to me while I'm writing all I hear is charlie-brown-grown-up-sound coming out of their mouths. And then they're like "So can I?" and I'm like "What the what are you talkin' about, devil child".

    It's not pretty.

    Which is why I write at 10:51 p.m. :)

  3. Silencio! Is that an actual word in any language? I'm with Dwija. I've got way too much floating around in the ol' noggin to hear other people yammerin' on and on and on... give me silence or get the stare. Thus...having grown tired of "the stare", David gifted me with a space full of quiet. Sigh.

  4. Love your blog and now there is a link on my site too.

  5. I always have the television on in the sitting area of my home office but not too loudly. My work area is snuggled into a corner, separated by bookcases and I enjoy my semi-privacy. Always have candles lit on my desk while I write...

    I plug-along just fine until...His Hineyness enters my private space and starts jabbering about something he thinks is important and then asks "oh, were you writing?".

    After that intrusion, I have to run for coffee and start thinking again because my ADD has gone awry....

  6. Definitely need music, usually epic movie soundtrack. Music helps me keep pace and not get distracted by the rest of the family.

    I also like to have Skittles to pop into my all too eager mouth. Having these to munch on keep me focus - of course, they do nothing for my hips which my scale can attest to.

  7. Beautiful Blog. Just found you through For the love of blogs! :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. When I was a student I couldn't write unless loud music was vibrating my posters off my walls but now I find silence is the only way I can get my thoughts down - hence I write mostly at night when the house is calm and all I can hear is a distant drone of my husband's snoring.
    I'm so glad I stumbled across you today (came from the Crazed Fan Hop) This looks like a great place to come and visit.Guess who'll be back?

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  10. The background noise of my blog entries is either silence, when the 3 year old I nanny for is napping, or the chaotic noises of 2 greyhound pups getting into trouble. Just depends on the day. I can't write with tv or music going because then I sometimes accidently type what I'm hearing, haha!

  11. I cannot, cannot, cannot be without noise. Even when I'm alone in my dorm or studying, some background music or the TV HAS to be on, or I'm really uncomfortable

  12. I am kind of in between. I don't need silence to write but I do need it when I am brainstorming. Usually, if I am writing memoir stuff, I find some music from that time in my life to push it along.

    I love this little group. Let me know if you guys need help.