Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #1 - Lightning or a Lightning-Bug

Hello and welcome! I hope everyone is having a spectacular weekend so far. If this is your first visit to The Lightning and the Lightning-Bug, and it is because it's everyone's first visit, I'll start by giving you a little background information. This blog was originally created solely for the purpose of sharing the weekly columns I write for my local newspaper. A friend had requested that I make the columns available for her to read, so this blog was born. The title comes from a Mark Twain quote, a quote that has many variations:

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning-bug." - Mark Twain

For some reason, those words struck me. Inspirational and realistic, it's just the kind of thing that reminds me just how intricate and beautifully writing can be. Well, like most things that you aren't really passionate about, the first purpose of this blog eventually petered out. A couple of weeks ago its second purpose was born. 

Since I started blogging seriously, which only really began back in February, I've met an incredible group of women writers, who inspire and motivate me on a daily basis. These women are not bloggers, that's much too simple and mundane of a word to describe them; they are writers. What they share on their blogs is much more than just a web blog. There's talent here and lots of it. These women and the bond that we all have formed over a love of reading and writing brought to life an idea my husband and I have been batting around for months. "Hey, Katie," this idea says (yells really, this idea is persistent). "Why don't you start a community for writers?!" And so I did. 

Along with the help of one of those amazing writers whom I now call a friend, The Lightning and the Lightning-Bug came to life. Mary Lauren of My 3 Little Birds and I plan to give you a comfortable place to share your thoughts, ideas, and creations, a warm home where you'll find support and motivation. We will provide a weekly writing prompt, host writing contests, allow you to submit the essays, poetry, and prose of which you're most proud, and simply give you an opportunity to meet and connect with writers just like you.

To join our community, simply click here, link up, and grab our button.

So there you have it. The long and boring introduction to this post's real purpose: our first writing prompt! Flicker of Inspiration Prompts will be posted every Sunday, then you can return on Sunday to link-up and share your creations from the previous week's prompt. If you do participate, please grab and share our Flicker of Inspiration Button on your blog post. 

Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #1: Lightning or a Lightning-Bug

Write a blog post that focuses on either lightning or a lightning-bug. This post can be fiction, memory, or poem. Let these words and images carry your post to its destination. 

Word Limit: 800 

Don't forget to return here next Sunday to link-up your work and to get the next week's prompt.


  1. What a neat idea gals!!
    I'm going to be a lurker for sure.

  2. Lovely idea. Now let's hope I can stick with it.

  3. To of my favorite blog friends bringing a lovely idea to life. I'm missing out on all th fun stuff now :(

  4. This is an awesome idea! I'm super de duper excited (that's the kind of thing a writer would say, right?).

  5. I've never tried a writing from a prompt yet, or really any type of fiction (although all my stories are probably 'embellished' a tiny bit, haha). As I've been reading you and ML and the pieces you write for memes and such, I kept thinking that I would try it. So glad you put together this site because I can't think of a better place to start!

  6. PS -DISABLE the captcha! LOL Unless, of course, you're looking for more Captchouli. :)

  7. Ha! Thanks, Nina :) Disabled. And thanks to everyone else, too, so glad you joined us!

  8. Great idea ladies! I look forward to writing up on your prompts!

  9. I'm so excited to read what everyone comes up with! Thanks again, Katie, for heading this up.

  10. Terrific idea! Looking forward to participating as soon as my WP site is up and running.

    Many thanks, Katie!!

  11. So cool! Will definitely join.

    I love that Mark Twain quote. I had it on my wall when I used to write content for work. Perfect for this!

  12. Interesting. I need some inspiration and accountability for my writing.