Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #60: I Like

Do you like us? Of course; we're very likable, and the fact that you're here implies that you probably like us. But do you like like us? You ought to; it clues you in whenever we post something on our Facebook.

But to me, as popular as the "like" button is now, it doesn't really mean "like" the way I mean it. When I like something, I just like it. I don't necessarily need to publicize my liking of it, but I often do; that's what the "like" button used to be for. Now, when you "like" something like a brand name or a company's page or whatever, it's usually because they're giving away free cars or something to people who go on and like their page (leading to a meaningless inflation of their supposed status and a lot of ads in your news feed). That's a different thing entirely. I still hit the button on posts I think are fun sometimes, but it feels empty now.

So what I want you all to do this week is re-take the word "like". Take it back from Facebook and their corporate advertisers; take it back from teenagers who, like, use it as random, like, pause breaks in the middle of, like, sentences. Use the word as it should be: a vague but entirely positive feeling! (or in a simile, because that is also valid, but not the meaning I'm necessarily looking for)

Start off your post for Sunday's linkup with the words "I like" - write about something you like. Or several things. We'll set a word limit at about 500. See you here Sunday for the linkup!