Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #54: Gone Fishin'

Lately, it seems  like my mind is completely checked out when I need it. I've already spent half an hour on this prompt. The good news is, those two sentences look fantastic.

You should try to make use of my blankness. Someone needs to.

The theme this week is "Gone Fishin'" - write a story with an absent-minded character. The name doesn't exactly fit, but that's always what's written on the sign hanging in the empty brain area in cartoon characters' heads, often following a scene where the "mental bureaucracy" closes up for the day and all the parts of the brain put on their hats and go home.

So that's your prompt: write a story with a character whose brain-office isn't fully staffed, so to speak. No lights on in the attic. Twenty-six cards short of a full deck, a few ticks slower than a minute, you get the idea. They don't have to be outright stupid, just a bit absent-minded, but your character is your business; all I ask is that you write something to share with us this Sunday for the linkup. See you then!