Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flicker of Inspiration Linkup #49: The Last Time

The last time a Flicker prompt went up, I told you that your assignment was to create a post that started with the words "The last time;" the rest is up to you. Seems pretty straightforward, I say, but there's certainly a lot of directions you can take from that same beginning. Maybe you want to write about the time-continuum that preceded (so to speak) the current one. "The last time was (or possibly is, or isn't, or won't be) pretty cool." Or maybe not, I'm not here to judge, I leave that to TV celebrities.

The important thing to remember is that you're supposed to start your post (or story, or epic poem, or soulful creative non-fiction sing-talk-song) with "the last time". Quite manageable, and hopefully it primed your writing engines for some more like it was supposed to.

Same rules as always; link up, read posts, comment, be nice, check back, tweet, facebook (hey creative types: come up with a good verb for using facebook). Not setting a word limit, just let yourselves go; word limits are great tools to practice editing, keeping your piece tight and trimming boring bits of fat, but we're taking the week off from that. It'll be back on next week for Flicker Prompt #50, a big semi-centennial extravaganza of prompting.