Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #44: Character


That is your theme this week. Specifically, write about a character who has inspired and influenced you in your life.

Did you love Atticus Finch when you were young? Did you become a lawyer after being influenced by his example? Did Sam Spade exemplify the kind of hard-boiled adult you hoped to be? Did Elizabeth Bennett inspire you toward independence and spunky-naturedness?

Don't limit yourself, either. Did Harold and Kumar give you a craving for tiny hamburgers? Did Ebeneezer Scrooge convince you to hoarde your worldly wealth, then turn abruptly to generosity? Did Casper the Friendly Ghost inspire you to commit some incorporeal do-gooding? Did Cthulhu awaken the transcendental malevolence within you? The sky is not the limit, folks!

We're linking up Sunday, so be ready to share with everyone about a character that has inspired or influenced you in your personal past.