Sunday, October 23, 2011

Linkup and Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #22: The Living Nightmare

Halloween is closer than ever! At least, the closest it's been yet this year. The prompt this week was a bit of a challenge; I wanted you to describe something indirectly. Nothing like "the dog was ugly," for instance; saying "she recoiled in horror at the sight of it" is fine because it's not describing the object itself. Certain eldritch abominations can only be described indirectly because direct description would drive us insane, so you can see that developing this skill can come in handy.

1) Add yourself to the linkup below with your "Indescribable Horror" post. Halloween is the theme but you didn't have to be scary. Don't forget to include a link-back button, available to your right. 
2) The linkup is open through Wednesday, so if you (like me) have not actually begun your piece yet, you have a clear deadline.
3) Read whatever you can, and comment as much as you can. Be helpful or supportive, if possible.
4) Share with your friends, invite them to participate. Writing is fun, and linkups are even more fun when lots of people are involved.
5) Again, submissions are open until Wednesday, so check back in regularly for new stuff.

Our last Halloween-themed prompt:
Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #22: The Living Nightmare

You've had nightmares; we all have. Everyone has them. This week, I want you to write it down.

I don't necessarily mean write down the narrative description of your nightmare; I had a nightmare once where Tina Turner chased me with a vacuum, but I don't think it would make an interesting story as such; also the odd flow of events in dreams doesn't generally translate well to normal prose.

Take your nightmare, or just something that scares you personally, and write a story based on it. If you're scared of spiders, scare me with spiders. Share your fears and nightmares, give them to your readers. That is your goal this week.