Sunday, October 9, 2011

Linkup and Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #20: By the Light of Day

The prompt was "In the Dark of Night" - anything goes, so long as it fits that theme. There's plenty of room to play with that one, I'm sure we're all really excited to see what everyone came up with, be it scary or un-scary.

Usual rules apply:
1) Link up below, it's open until Wednesday as always, so no rush - but no reason to procrastinate, either.
2) Read what you can, comment as much as you want, but try to reply to at least three people with helpful or supporting comments.
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4) Check back once in a while to see the new posts.

Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #20: By the Light of Day

It's easy to be afraid of the dark; you don't know what's in there. The easiest way to not be afraid is to simply turn a light on, which is why night-lights are standard household fare even for many adults (not because we're afraid, of course, just to make it easier to get around in the dark - so we tell ourselves, at least).

There's a mantra often taught to children to ease their fear of darkness: there's nothing in the dark that wasn't there by the light of day.

At first you think, "So that means there's nothing there!"

Later, you realize: "That means whatever I was afraid of is still there!"

And it's quite true. All kinds of scary things are just as likely to jump out and get us in broad daylight as during the darkest pre-dawn hours. In many ways, these terrors are even worse for coming unexpected, accentuated by the contrast between the bright daylight and their dark natures.

Come up with something, let's say 1,000 words or less, to fit this week's theme. Come back next week and share!