Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Discussion: Writing Books

When I first mentioned the title of this post to my husband, he said, "haven't y'all discussed writing books before?" And it's true...we have. Remember this? But this discussion is about something a little different. It's about writing books or, to clarify, books about writing.

I have a nice little collection of books about writing, but you want to know my dirty little secret? I hardly ever pick up any of them. It's not that I think I wouldn't benefit from some of these books. Really, I know I'd benefit from them in amazing ways, but for some reason, I hardly ever reference a book on writing. I collect them, because that's what I like to do, but reading them? Nope, not me.

Now I read lots of other types of books. Usually fiction. Personally, I believe reading the types of books that I want to write helps me more than reading a self-help book on writing but that's just me.

So this week's discussion question is to find out what you guys do about improving your writing. Do you read, read, read? Reference writing books? Search for writing tips online? Practice writing constantly? How do you "exercise" those writing muscles?

I know that's a lot of questions. Feel free to answer any, all, or none. Oh, and if you do have any good writing reference books, tell us the titles. I'd love to add to my collection :)

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